Bend the Law Using a Radar Detector

Who would not like to speed in a car without racking up a ticket? Speeding is a most natural part of driving, and to make it risk-free, many cars now have a radar detector installed. So bending the law is becoming an accepted means of driving fast without paying the penalty. Keep in mind, though, if caught repeatedly, the driver risks having their license revoked on top of hefty fines.


Radar detectors first came on the scene during the early 1970s, when the rate for fast driving was spreading, and have now become a must-have for those who think that they are some latter-day Mario Andretti after watching NASCAR and Formula 1 cars speeding on the track.

To enjoy the cake of fast driving and eat it too by not having to pay fines, people have turned radar detectors into the most sought after car. Not only did this gadget help save the money paid for fines and court fees, it also helped reduce insurance premiums, which could be to the tune of a couple of thousand dollars with a lengthy record of speeding violations.

Features to Buy

The more money that is spent if you would like to have an idea about best buy radar detector the more features it is likely to have, which typically increases its utility. The more expensive the radar detector, the better its sensitivity through long-range detection capability as well as improved selectivity, which filters out non-police signals so the drivers not subjected to a stream of false alarms.

Another aspect to the radar detector, apart from reading radar signals, is that it can also send out a specially transmitted field of light ahead of the vehicle that helps confuse the radar readings on the cops radar gun. This sort of jammer is legal because it sends out light rather than radio frequencies so that the vehicle does not stay visible on the radar screen of the cops equipment. Most radar detectors come with the jamming facility.

Investing some money in purchasing a radar detector is a sound idea, and the plain-but-useful radar detectors come at low cost. You can even find higher-end models at discounted prices; it all depends on where you shop and how much the dealer cuts prices during sales. Some of the better-known brands are Bel, Cobra, Escort, Rocky Mountain, and Phantom. Buying a name-brand radar detector from an online store is a good idea as they offer a lot of discounts and also provide better customer service.

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