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Hawaii Beautiful Scenery

Maui Hawaii A Vacation Of A Lifetime

I want to tell you about one of the most spectacular vacations I have ever been on, probably the best one of my life. It happened last year when my wife and I went to the Hawaiian Island of Maui. I had often heard about Hawaii and thought it would be somewhere I would like to visit. However, it was not until I got into a conversation with my lawn guy, that convinced me to go. His name is Doug and he owns Katy Lawn Service, a local landscaping company in my area. He told me of the great adventures he and his wife had and all the fun activities. I love a vacation where there are lots of activities and adventures, so I made some reservations and we were on our way!

Doug had given me a few suggestions on where to stay and some tips to save money. He told me to rent a place on Airbnb and stay in the Kihei area. Kihei is a less expensive area and staying at an Airbnb allowed us to cook our own breakfast and we made lunches to take with us on our adventures. Another great tip he gave me was to stop at the Costco near the airport and stock up on food. We wanted to taste the local cuisine but only in the evening for dinner. That is exactly what we did and following this plan saved us a pretty penny.

The first day we drove to the north tip of the island and visited the Olivine Pools. The pools were magnificent but the drive to the pools was scary! We were given directions to the pools from a local and I am sure he chuckled knowing where he was sending me. On the drive there were parts where the road went to just one lane and there was a 1000 ft drop off on the outer edge. We had to stop a few times and wait for cars to pass on the one lane road. I am glad I experienced this but I never want to do that again! On the way back, we found a much better alternative without the danger, this made the wife very happy. The Olivine Pools are beautiful and there are spots where waves crash in and spew water hundreds of feet in the air. For us, it was a must see.

There are many beaches to go to and snorkeling and see the spectacular sea life. At Kapalua Bay Beach, we swam with sea turtles which was amazing. The water is crystal clear and very refreshing. One of the most interesting things about Hawaii is that all the beaches are public areas and open to everyone. So anywhere we went, we could stop at any beach.

The high point of our trip was the road to Hana. The road to Hana is a 64 mile stretch of road that starts at the town of Paia and ends past Hana in the town of Kaupo. This is something you want to plan out and spend all day doing. There are 617 hairpin curves, 59 one way bridges and so many places to stop and see. I would recommend starting early and getting ahead of the crowds. One of the best things we did was purchase the Gypsy Guide Road To Hana App. This app was amazing and guided us to stop at all the interesting places. It was like having our own personal tour guide. Make sure you go all the way to the end of the road and hike the scenic Pipiwai Trail. You will not be disappointed.

Our trip to Hawaii was a vacation we will never forget and we are making plans to go next year. It really is paradise. Follow my tips and you will have the time of your life!

Rosemary Beach

Rosemary Beach Florida Is A Hidden Gem

If you are looking to stay in the United States this summer and want beautiful scenery with plenty of activities to do, then look no further than Rosemary Beach Florida, located just east of Panama City Florida.

We visited Rosemary Beach last year for a family vacation. Doing a little research while planning the trip paid huge dividends. First, we looked at places to stay, we needed a place to accommodate a large group as we brought some of our extended family also. To stay at a resort on the beach could be very pricey, however, there many websites where homeowners rent out their places to families like ours, It took a little patience but we found a diamond in the rough on Airbnb.

Rosemary Beach has a lot to offer. Obviously the beaches are beautiful and the water is a magnificent blue. We swam in the ocean and sunbathed on the white beaches. The beach was busy but it was not too crowded to get a nice spot on the sand near the water. The homes on the cliffs overlooking the beach are spectacular. The place we stayed at was not exactly on the beach but just a 5 minute walk away. The price difference from staying on the beach to just a short stroll away was substantial, We decided to stay off the beach and use the extra money to spend on dining and entertainment. I am happy we picked that option.

If you take my advice and make the trek down to sunny Florida, one thing you will remember is the fantastic seafood. We tried many different restaurants during our visit and none of them disappointed us. One of the most interesting things we were pleasantly surprised by were the healthy menus at a majority of the restaurants. There were organic and spa inspired dishes that were simply delicious. It was such a pleasure to know that we did not have to ditch healthy eating while on vacation. Many times after a vacation I will have to start a diet the following day on my return. This time was different, I came back without gaining a pound!

The nightlife in Rosemary Beach was fun but not wild and very family friendly. Restaurants and bars had live music to listen and the whole family enjoyed the tunes. We spent a few evenings at the heart of Rosemary Beach where all the shops and restaurants are located. We did also venture off a couple of evenings to Panama City Beach where there is a lot more entertainment. The kids enjoyed the the arcades and virtual reality rides and the adults visited the local shops to purchase local art and souvenirs. There are plenty of activities for everyone.

If you are looking for a great family destination this summer, Rosemary Beach is one of our top picks. This is a place where you family will feel safe, yet there are many fun activities for everyone. You can rent a bicycle and pedal on the boardwalk, swim in the beautiful gulf waters, sunbath on the white beaches, or try the fresh seafood, Rosemary Beach is a hidden gem often overlooked for its more popular neighbor; Panama City Beach.

We preferred the more laid back atmosphere at Rosemary Beach and plan on making this an annual vacation spot.

Best Places to Travel in Anatolia

Turkey is grounded by different natural and historical tourist attractions, each region of this place is rich in its own architectural beauty and historical artifacts.

The Eastern and Southeastern parts of Anatolia are the two special regions located in Turkey. As they are enriched with breathtaking natural beauties as well as mindblowing historical background.

If you are planning to travel to Anatolia and spend your vacations there then this travel guide is sure of much use for you.

In this travel guide, I have compiled a shortlist of some of the best places to travel in Anatolia during your stay there.

Choosing and shortlisting your travel destinations is quite hard when there is so much more to do. That is why we have made the process quite easier for our readers. So, let’s get started.

Didin Aydin

Didim is located at the Aegean Coast in the province of Aydin. This place attracts a lot of visitors each year. It is full of amazing natural tourist attractions such as its long beaches with fine-looking sand, the clean water here, unique and old ruins, and leftovers as well.

The most important thing about this place is the sunny weather here that lasts throughout the whole year.

Didim is also recommended by the domestic tourists who visit their homes in the Summers. The five-star hotels, luxury resorts, and other such things were constructed lately.

The visitors can also enjoy the Altinkum beach so that they can have a good time there. If in case you are a nightcrawler then visiting the colorful bars at the Altinkum beach can prove out to be a nice decision. Another great option for nightcrawlers is to visit the  Oracle of Apollon that offers its huge temple-like structure. You can easily get access to this awe-inspiring place by utilizing the Bodrum Milas Airport.

Amasra and Bartin

The Amasra and Bartin are small towns that combine the specialties about the long and unforgotten times of a splendid location. 

In this place, you will find beautiful and admiring beaches along with the coastline of Turkey’s the Black Sea. You will also get a chance to explore the 3000 years as well. So if you are a history lover then this place is highly recommended for you. 

The hills here are covered with lush forests located in the hinterland of Amasra. 

The houses in the town of Amasra are built with a special kind of architecture, restaurants here offer different types of fresh fishes and seafood. You can also visit Bartin which is another beautiful town situated on the Black Sea Coast.

Winter Sports Center, Erciyes,, Kayseri

The total number of winter sports centers in Turkey is getting an inclement every passing day. One of the most popular winter centers is located in the new Erciyes Kayak Merkezi (a place situated near Kayseri). 

If you want to have a spectacular skiing experience then this place is ideal for you. Make sure to add this park to your list as well.